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July 6th and 7th sold out
$15 PHW Students | $20 General Admission (+$1 txn fee)

8pm | Studio 2

Vincent an original full-length play by Leonard Nimoy

LEONARD NIMOY spent years researching and writing Vincent, a show that would eventually star Nimoy himself. In March of 1981, Vincent opened at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, then went to Broadway where it became the smash-hit of the season. That success led to a PBS special filmed back at the Guthrie in January 1983. Mr. Nimoy has never performed the show since.

JIM JARRETT was introduced to Vincent in 1994. After reading it, he immediately contacted Mr. Nimoy and an hour later, secured the rights to produce the show himself. Jarrett then spent the next two and a half years simply working on what he knew to be “the role of a lifetime.”

In October of 1996, Vincent opened in Kona, on the island of Hawaii. In spite of the fact that the middle of the Pacific Ocean is not much of a theater town, Jarrett’s production was an enormous success, with sold-out shows over the next six weeks.

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore invited him to perform at their theater in Sun Valley, Idaho. The success and publicity from these shows created such a buzz that Jarrett has been on tour ever since, playing to over a quarter million people and sold-out audiences in the premier performing arts centers, colleges and museums throughout the world.

Now entering his fifteenth season, there have been many highlights along the way:

- The Philadelphia Museum of Art invited Jarrett to perform Vincent while also staging the Van Gogh “Faces” world tour

- In 2000 The International Theater Festival selected Jarrett’s Vincent as the only representative from the United States. Vincent was also chosen “Best of the Fest” and closed the festival in front of an SRO crowd of two-thousand people

- In 2008 Vincent was the smash-hit at The Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. Competing against 3000 shows and actors daily, Jarrett was nominated for “Best Actor” and Vincent for “Best Show”

A review from THE NEW YORK TIMES captures why Vincent has been such a touring success: “Mr. Nimoy’s play is compelling, humorous, inspiring and most of all, educational. Those who attend will never be able to look at Vincent or his work the same way again. Through this play we discover Vincent was much more than a madman artist – he was a man who, after years of wandering and searching his soul, discovered his dream, his God-given purpose for being on this planet and then spent the next ten years of his life trying to do justice to this gift. That is noble and rare. And for the audience, inspiring.”